Lake Country Health Planning Society

The Lake Country Health Planning Society (LCHPS) is a non-profit organization that has been operating in the community since 1982. LCHPS strives to improve community life by providing services, programs, advocacy, information, resources and referrals in the area of health and wellness. LCHPS has historically focused on seniors programs and services but in recent years has expanded its mandate to include health and wellness initiatives for children, youth, families and adults.

In spring 2017, LCHPS received funding from the Central Okanagan Foundation to hire a Project Coordinator for the Lake Country Health Hub. The Health Hub will benefit the population of Lake Country by removing barriers and increasing access to Primary Health Care services. The Health Hub services will be delivered by multi-disciplinary teams that are focused on quality, timely, person-centred care, providing residents with improved health education, literacy, disease prevention and wellness promotion programs, chronic disease management and immediate Primary Health Care needs in one easily accessible location.

The Project Coordinator will conduct research, facilitate communications and outreach, and coordinate volunteers, committee members and stakeholders for The Hub.

“The generous funding provided by the Central Okanagan Foundation will enable Lake Country Health Planning Society to expand the Lake Country Health Hub to meet community needs. The Health Hub Coordinator will manage services and resources to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of Lake Country residents through collaboration with not-for-profit organizations and government partners. This growth would not have been possible without this grant,” says Brenda Kalinovich, Executive Director.

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